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Just a day….

So, have you heard about people who fight crime, save the world et cetera during the day? This is not one of those people. Meet Lilly Basherson, a 12 year old girl, tall, smart and funny with many friends too. Her best friend is Stephanie Miller (mostly called Steph), another 12 year old, funny andContinue reading “Just a day….”

Recipe: Salted Caramel

Ingredients:1/2 cup Sugar2 1/2 tbsp Cream1 tsp Salt (Like Duh!) Recipe:Take a small pot add the sugar and cook on medium heat, ensure you keep it moving so that the sugar does not stick to the pot.When the sugar turns brown, it has caramelised, add in the cream and salt and stir it. Let thisContinue reading “Recipe: Salted Caramel”


Best Friend Forever Like Totally Forever Without Exception We fight, alright,we fight everydayWe don’t agree on anything,But we are friends anyway We do almost everything together,she is like my partner in crime.We are probably the best friends on the planet,but yeah, we fight all the time She sticks with me no matter what,sticks with meContinue reading “Poem: BFFLTFWE”

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